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Whipped Body Lotion & Calendula Cream - Organics - Coconut, Monoi, Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Honeysuckle


Image of Whipped Body Lotion & Calendula Cream - Organics - Coconut, Monoi, Jasmine, Lemon, Rose, Honeysuckle

Light, yet luxurious. Seriously silky with good-for-your-skin oils, butters and natural preservatives.
4 fluid ounces.
Monoi lotion contains almond oil.
If you find that you need heavier, more emollient moisturizing, try our Calendula cream.

NEW: Cucumber Melon and Pink Sugar!

Cucumber Melon is all natural and scented with plant based fragrance.
A perfect balance of fresh melon and cool, green cucumber with organic camellia Oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter and gluten free Vitamin E.

Pink Sugar is a sophisticated, yet playful blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plum, mandarin, lemon and raspberry, with soft musk and woodsy base notes.
Decadent mango butter, skin loving shea butter, moisturizing olive oil and nourishing raspberry seed oil are artfully whipped into a light, yet luxurious treat for your skin. This formula is a little more emollient than our other lotions, formulated for drier skin.

Coconut Organic Whipped Body Lotion is light and luxurious, with Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut & Olive Oils and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter.
Organic, food grade flavor oil and pure coconut oil give this lotion its natural, coconut scent.
The emulsifying wax in this lotion is Eco Cert approved for organic skin care.
Natural preservation system. 4 oz.

All Natural Rose: Organic Camellia seed oil revitalizes, rejuvenates and protects. With shea butter, organic safflower oil, gluten free Vitamin E and natural, plant based fragrance. Mostly organic. 3.3 oz.

Wild Honeysuckle: True honeysuckle, a fresh, bright, amazing floral.
Organic safflower oil, raspberry seed oil, shea butter and gluten free Vitamin E combined with natural, plant based fragrance.
All natural. 4 oz.

Hot Chocolate: Limited edition, with all organic, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter and natural, food grade, chocolate flavor oil.
Out of this world! 3.3 oz.

LAVENDER CHAMOMILE with shea butter, organic coconut oil and herbal infused organic olive oil. All natural and mostly organic. 4 oz.

DAY at the BEACH:
Day at the Beach whipped body lotion truly captures the essence of summer, with skin loving apricot kernel oil and mango butter. 4 oz.

Jasmine whipped body lotion is sensuous and exquisite, with apricot kernel oil, natural flavor oil and genuine jasmine floral wax. 4 oz.

Tiare gardenia flower infusion lends fragrance to Monoi whipped body lotion. With skin loving avocado, coconut, non GMO soy and sweet almond oils. 4 oz.

Rose Moon Soap body care is made with organic, locally/sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. The organic oils we use are certified organic.