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Organic Christmas Holiday Body Wash! Several wonderful scents to choose from: Balsam Fir, Spiced Cider, Cranberry, Vanilla Bean and many more. Lots of festive, uplifting, comforting scents.

Organic perfume oils are 20% off all through Black Friday Weekend. No coupon needed, these are already marked down (regularly $15).


Several new perfumes in stock!

The website was down for a while as I'm recovering from a severe neck and back injury with nerve damage. I was pretty much bed ridden for a month. I'm getting a little better, but can't make anything right now. Everything will be available again once I'm well enough to make them.

I've added several, amazing new perfumes. The descriptions aren't up yet, as typing causes the worst pain, but they are all available in the drop down menu.

I'm hoping to be well enough to attend the Holiday Fair at the First Parish Church in Dover this year, on November 17. Very much looking forward to it, but there is much preparation to do. 

Please wish me luck and speedy healing.



On the curing rack:

New - Key Lime essential oil soap! This has 100% organic base oils.

Frankincense and Myrrh Organic

Oatmeal Almond Honey

These soaps will be ready in 3 weeks.

I just added bath bombs. If you like taking baths and have never tried them, you're missing out on a lot of fun. They're fizzy, lightly moisturizing and smell amazing!

I'm changing up the website and consolidating everything so that products of a particular type will all be on the same page. You'll be able to to choose your scent in the drop down menu. Although most of photos and in depth descriptions will be deleted when I'm finished, it will be less complicated to navigate. 

Our whipped sugar scrubs are being phased out to be replaced with Foaming Sugar Scrubs. These are cleansers and scrubs in one with the texture of whipped cream. 


Yay! It's finally warm! 

I'm excited to be getting all the new products up on the website that I've been working on all year.

Foaming Sugar Scrubs! These are simply amazing. They have the texture of whipped cream and are so bubbly, wonderful and make your skin so silky feeling. These are different from my other, whipped sugar scrubs, as they are are also cleansers.


Still waiting for spring... :)


Bar Soaps: Lily of the Valley smells just like the spring flower. 

Almond Oatmeal is scented with essential oil, and loaded with super creamy, organic oats.  


Are you ready for spring? What a season it's been! I can't get enough citus and floral scents to brighten these dark, winter days.

New Soap! Sandalwood. This one is very, very nice! I just loaded it up...check it out.

Woodland Spruce is back in stock!

On the curing rack now:


Patchouli with Activated Charcoal

Orange Blossom! A true floral with the barest hint of citrus, this scent is truly amazing. 

More Jasmine and Lilac for spring!


I will be at the First Parish Church Holiday Fair in Dover this coming Saturday, Nov. 18, from 9am to 3pm.


Happy October!

I've been expanding my organic soap line to include Lavender and Gardener's Soap with Rosemary & Spearmint essential oil, pumice and French green clay. Organic Chai is on the curing rack and boasts a 6 essential oil blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and sweet orange.

Our organic soaps are made with 100% organic base oils and are scented with natural, essential oils.


It's been a very challenging year. I had a massive electrical surge that caused explosions and a house fire in March, directly followed by both vehicles needing to be replaced. As soon as they were, my partner was diagnosed with cancer. We literally registered the 2nd car on the way to the hospital for surgery a few weeks ago. He is recovering and doing very well, but it truly has been a nightmare of a year. I am now trying to pull it back together and figure out where I left off 5 months ago!

On a happier note, I have a bumper crop of blackberries this year and just got my first batch of salsa in the freezer.

I will be at the 1st Parish Church Holiday Fair in Dover this November. 


I've been playing with my new, natural fragrance oils and certified organic oils and have lots of new products to add to the website...

New lotions and sugar scrubs:  Wild Honeysuckle and Natural Rose. Out of this world florals scented with natural, plant based fragrance.

New Soaps: Frosted Balsam, CHOCOLATE!, Pink Grapefruit, Berry, Cucumber Melon, Amber Musk, and fresh batches of Lilac and Pink Sugar.

New Perfumes: Honeysuckle and Sandalwood.


I've made some changes to checkout so you can now pay with your credit card without having to go through paypal. You can still choose paypal as an option. I'm hoping there will be no glitches, but if you have a problem checking out, please drop me a line!

The weather has been fantastic this week. A 66 degree taste of summer in February. I made soap outside yesterday! 

On the curing rack now:

Vanilla: Sweet, deep and delicious!

Pink Grapefruit: Fresh, bright citrus.

Cucumber Melon: Your favorite is back!!


I will not be attending the farmers' market this Saturday, Feb. 4. See you in 2 weeks!

New on the curing rack today:  

Frosted Balsam. Balsam fir essential oil with just a light dusting of sweet vanilla. If you like balsam fir and forest scents this soap is for you!


Website facelift! I hope you like it and find it easier to navigate.

New Jasmine Shampoo & Conditioner. This was a custom request that turned out so lovely, I added it to the regular line.

Whipped Sugar Scrubs have been reformulated to an "emulsified" scrub recipe, It's lighter, rinses clean and is non-greasy.

Bay Rum soap is back in stock! 

I'm planning new soaps and lotions for 2017, have some new, organic oils to play with and just tested 23 new fragrances and essential oils. Here are a few that I really like: Amber Musk, Vanilla, Sugared Balsam, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Rosewood and Lily of the Valley. 


The elves and I (well, just me) are moving at the speed of light here at Rose Moon creating magically cool things, custom orders and restocking after our wildly successful day at the First Parish Church Holiday Fair in Dover. 

2 new soaps fresh off the curing rack:  Fresh Pine and Oatmeal, Honey, Almond. Almond and Shea Calendula Cream is back in stock and cooling as I type!

I will have skin care and perfume gift sets, new, warm, wooly hats and outerwear....and a special, aromatic surprise just for the holidays this week at the Dec. 3 market.


The Wolfeboro Winter Farmers' Market starts this Saturday! Changing up the schedule from last year, this year's winter market will be on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month, from November until April.  The market will be held at the First Congregational Church of Wolfeboro, which is located at 115 South Main Street in Wolfeboro, NH.

This is such a great market to gather, socialize and shop during the entire winter.

See you there! I will have lots of new soaps and herbal infused lotions, just for the occasion.


Harvest and winter prep is almost wrapped up. This week I'll be installing a new computer system and upgrading the antiquated internet service. I'm not expecting any outages, but if there are, it will mean some slight delays in receiving orders and shipping. I expect to have everything up and running smoothly by the end of this week.

The new, fall and Halloween soaps are available now.


Rose Moon is closed temporarily to wrap up harvest and prep for winter. I will also be making changes to the website to make it easier to navigate.

 You may still contact me via the "contact us" page.

See you soon. Happy Autumn!


New lotion: Mango Coconut. All natural, with organic cocoa butter, organic, virgin coconut oil, natural, plant-based fragrance and real vanilla oil. So refreshing!


Happy Fourth, everyone! Hope you have a happy, restful and safe day.

Free gift with purchase this week:  Perfume oil sampler. Exquisite rose and jasmine perfume oil sampler vials with a $40 purchase. 

New on the website:  Aromatherapy Mist and Sugar and Aloe Scrubs! 

Soaps on the curing rack and coming soon:  Natural Rose, Lavender Vanilla.

As much as I want to attend every market, I will not be there in extreme heat, high winds or thunderstorms. Thanks for understanding!


I am so pumped! It's April and warmer weather is finally coming our way.

I have found a supplier of natural, plant based fragrance oils! They are very rare! I have gotten my eager, little hands on a few. I just cut a new, all natural, lilac soap. It's on the curing rack and I couldn't be more happy or excited because I never dreamed it was possible. :) They should be ready just about the time the lilacs outside are in bloom.

In case you're wondering why I'm so excited about natural fragrance oils...

Essential oils vs. conventional fragrance oils (in a nutshell):

All natural soaps usually contain only essential oils as their fragrant component. However, not all essential oils hold up to the soaping process (citrus) and not all that is natural can be made into essential oils (lilac, strawberries). Some are just far too expensive to use in soap (rose, jasmine). Enter fragrance oils, which are affordable. They can be a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients or all synthetic. Their ingredients are "proprietary secrets" of their manufacturers, so we will never know exactly what is in them! I do use a few fragrance oils (the ones that don't make my head explode with an instant migraine) because I like the variation of scent and they allow me to make jasmine scented soap. Unfortunately, I often see soap scented with conventional, synthetic fragrance oils that is labeled as "all natural". These soaps may be handmade but they are not all natural. Sadly, this causes a lot of confusion for you, the customer. I believe in truth in labeling. I list fragrance oils as such and list individual essential oils on labels. Additionally, if you want only all natural soap, look for my label that says "Essentials Artisan Soap". These are scented only with essential oils, natural fragrance oils, flavor oils and/or spices. 

The best advice I can give is to educate yourself about cosmetic ingredients and ask a lot of questions.

Three cheers for spring, sunshine, truth in labeling and natural lilac soap! 


The crocuses started blooming today and I am as busy as a bee making lots of new soaps and gearing up for the summer markets! We have one more winter market, on April 9. I listened to your requests last summer and will have a few surprises this summer. You asked for it, you got it! I'm also adding natural fragrances and perfumes, a larger selection of shampoo and will also have all natural hair conditioner! I've been formulating new creations all winter, and can't wait to share them with you.


Wolfeboro Area Winter Farmers' Market

It's official! This new market will be held at the First Congregational Church of Wolfeboro, which is located at 115 South Main Street in Wolfeboro, NH. The market will be on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, starting November 14, 2015, until April 9, 2016. 10am to 2pm.

Can't wait! See you there...


I can't believe it's October already!

My apologies if you've missed me at the market. I hurt my knee and wasn't able to do any more heavy lifting. However, I have been very busy harvesting herbs and making lots of fall soaps, grapevine wreaths, and apple cider. We have a bountiful crop of apples this harvest season.

We're hoping to have a new winter market in Wolfeboro this year. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted.

New soaps available and coming to the website soon:

Pumpkin Harvest, Apple Jack n Peel, Cranberry Spruce, Cedar and Cypress, Cherry Almond, Cucumber Melon, Monkey Farts, Love Spell, Pearberry, Tea Tree and Cedar (by popular demand!) and Frankincense and Myrrh.

If you want to purchase any before they are listed, please drop me a line.


Summer! Such a busy time. Berries to pick, gardens to tend and lots of things to make. I have several new lines that I haven't had time to take pics of and load up onto the website. If you want something that you saw at the farmers' market or at a show, and don't see it here, just drop me a line. Chances are, I have some!

Calendula cream is back in stock with beautiful, new packaging.

I now have liquid soap, shampoo, mineral makeup (lipstick, eye shadows), body scrubs, facial mask and serum and lotions.

I can be found at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers' Market on Thursdays, from 12:30-4:30, at Clark Park In Wolfeboro, NH. It's right across from Huggin's Hospital.

See you at the market!


Lots going on here at Rose Moon. New soaps, lip balms and snowstorm after snowstorm! 

I've been trying a new soap making method: Hot process! This method is similar to cold process, but is cooked through the lye process. This process allows me to add extra luxury butters, oils, scents and colors after the cook than I can't normally do with cold process. The bars are chunkier and more rustic looking. The hot processing speeds up the cure time, so the bars can be used almost right away.

I'm also adding some clear, glycerine soaps to the line. These are not made from scratch, but I found an all natural base that I love. They are fun and gorgeous!

Lip balms are back in stock. All natural, mostly organic and scented with food grade flavor oils. Loaded with cocoa butter and mango butter. They are silky smooth and delicious.

I still need to take pictures of everything before I load them up here. I usually take pics outside but sub zero temps are preventing that. I'll be taking some soaps out to make room for new, spring scents.

Spring can't come soon enough!