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Rose Moon Soap

Organic Holiday Body Wash, Balsam Fir and Christmas Scents, Biodegradable and pH Balanced Shower Gel


Image of Organic Holiday Body Wash, Balsam Fir and Christmas Scents, Biodegradable and pH Balanced Shower Gel

Organic Holiday Body Wash. Balsam Fir and assorted Christmas Scents.
All Natural, Biodegradable, Liquid Soap, Shower and Bath Gel.
pH Balanced Body and Skin Care.

Super gentle, super bubbly surfactants, humectants, conditioners and natural preservatives.

Choose your scent in the drop down menu:

Balsam and Citrus:
Beautiful balsam fir surrounded by sparkling notes of citrus and crushed cranberries. This is a truly wonderful scent that perfectly captures the fresh, uplifting aroma of a Christmas tree.

Balsam Fir:
Fresh, uplifting balsam fir essential oil, the classic and traditional Christmas Tree scent of New England. Memory invoking and calming.

Rich, deep and delicious. A chocolate lover's dream.

Crisp and a little tart, this is true cranberry with no spice.

Cranberry Woods:
Tart cranberries and currants with herbaceous and balsamic accords of pine, green leaves, balsam fir and a whisper of vanilla. Infused with fir, cinnamon and orange essential oils.

Frankincense and Myrrh: Infused with genuine resin essential oils, this ancient blend is perfect for Christmas and Yule.

Hot Buttered Rum:
Warm and buttery, with a touch of vanilla, a hint of caramel and brown sugar, a dash of nutmeg, all topped with a dollop of whipped cream.
A rich, delicious scent, reminiscent of buttered rum candy.

Straight up peppermint, scented with ultra pure, slightly sweet, twice distilled peppermint oil.

Spiced Apple Cider:
Just like mulled cider. Ripe apple combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. Infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange and cedarwood essential oils.

Spiced Cranberry:
Classic, festive, spicy and sweet. Tart cranberry, cinnamon, orange and clove with a lightly sweet, vanilla finish. This evokes memories of a century old, New England country store. One whiff and you are transported back in time.

Sleigh Ride:
An incredibly uplifting Christmas scent blend with essential oils of balsam fir, peppermint, tangerine and just the barest hint of wintergreen and clove. I LOVE holiday scents and this is my personal favorite!

Vanilla Bean:
Sweet, deep and delicious. No other fragrant notes in this, just straight up, rich, smooth, old fashioned vanilla.

This formula is very smooth, spreads easily and just a little goes a very long way. The more water you add while lathering up, the bigger the bubbles get.

Vegetable Glycerin has humectant properties, helping your skin to retain moisture. Our glycerin is certified organic.

Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and sodium cocoamphoacetate are very mild surfactants all made from coconut, which create luxurious bubbles, foam, and lather. They leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and conditioned.

100% plant based, renewable and biodegradable.

GMO-free. Paraben and formaldehyde free.

Ingredients: Distilled water, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate**, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate**, vegetable glycerin*, sodium cocoamphoacetate, sea salt, essential oil and/or fragrance, silver citrate, citric acid.
*Certified organic ingredients.
**Ecocert approved for natural and organic cosmetics.

100% formulated and created at Rose Moon Soap (not a pre-made base).